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The Art of Collaboration

The first time you hear Akers Music’s voice, you will be in love. This amazing singer from Rotterdam is originally from the UK. Her first MF release is Love Wins Every Time.

MFB: Your voice is just stunning and beautiful. How did you come to the electronic music world?

Akers: I stopped making music at the age of 30 to explore other creative avenues. When I had the random thought to start making music again ten years later, I was blown away by what had changed and the possibilities for independent artists. Releasing music via streaming services, marketing on social media, networking through social media, quality music video making on the smartphone, learning more about music production from creators on YouTube! A world that didn't exist just ten years prior.

MFB: You've already spoken on your Insta page about how you got approached to do the collaboration for Love Wins Every Time, but what were some of the principal differences you experienced working with Roman Novelrain and Marc O'rell than when you write and record on your own?

Akers: Writing for an EDM producer is new to me so I spent some time researching different styles of singers and producers within this genre before getting started on the song. This meant I was able to create lyrics and a song line that suited the music almost immediately. I love to create harmonies in my own music, but that said, the collaboration with Roman and Marc has challenged me to step out my usual approach to singing and focus on making the main vocal line strong and interesting enough for it to stand out on its own.

MFB: In your social media, you’ve very publicly set 2023 as a big year for your music. You've got songs in progress, and you share them online in demo form. For me, it’s another form of collaboration, allowing others to watch the creation of your new music.

Akers: Absolutely. I am working hard to make 2023 the year I release music regularly through collaborations and the voice-centric, synth music I write and produce. By sharing my ambitions publicly I create accountability and this keeps me focused. I believe it also shows that I am serious, that I am 'showing up'. What I find incredibly valuable and exciting is that uploading videos of me singing or video collages that accompany a vocal piece has brought me into contact with many talented musicians, singers and producers from across the world which wouldn't happen if I wasn't sharing. For example, last week I uploaded a spontaneous video of me singing a song I wrote when I was 17/18 years old called By My Side and a producer based in Canada saw it and got in touch. We are now working on an EDM version of it. This ease of connecting to others just blows my mind!

MFB: A couple of months ago you did a podcast interview with your mentor Katie Mariah Slotte. That's clearly a collaboration as well. What have you gained from having a mentorship relationship?

Akers: Despite the innovations in creating and releasing music, I knew deep down that the only person stopping me was me so the first thought that came to mind was having a support network that would help me navigate the ups and downs of doing creative work and working with Katja has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never felt so courageous or comfortable in expressing myself through my music and needless to say, I have also learned a lot about singing, vocal warm up techniques as well as a healthy studio mindset. The collaboration with other producers has definitely become easier because of all the coaching aspects combined and it is reassuring to have someone trustworthy to discuss what could be playing on my mind should something come up that I want to address.


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