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Mystery Freedom Records Drops ‘Shake That Ass’: Tech House Excitement by Marc O’rell & Twelvenote

Mystery Freedom Records is thrilled to announce the release of a catchy, well-produced new single titled "Shake That Ass." This electrifying track marks the label's first release since deciding to focus on putting out music solely in the tech house genre and promises to get dancefloors moving. Scheduled for release on January 5, 2024, "Shake That Ass" is a collaboration between music producers Marc O'rell and Twelvenote.

Coverart of Shake That Ass
Coverart of Shake That Ass

This release not only signals a new direction for Mystery Freedom Records but also represents the first-ever collaboration between the two talented producers, Marc O'rell and Twelvenote. "The idea came from a writing session where the main vocal hook just presented itself," said O'rell when asked about the origins of the song. Adds Twelevenote, "One of us said the line and from there the track almost wrote itself."

"Shake That Ass" is characterized by infectious bouncy bass lines, a compelling vocal hook, and an undeniable groove that will have you, well, shaking your ass. The fusion of Marc O'rell's and Twelvenote's unique styles creates a harmonious synergy, delivering a track that is both energetic and memorable. "Marc and I have worked together on other projects, but this was the first time we actually wrote a track together," adds Twelvenote. Marc O'rell continues, "I don't know why we haven't done something together before, but I am super happy we did on this track and I know there will be more collabs with him in the future."

Picture of Marc O'rell
Marc O'rell

With a proven track record of delivering chart-topping hits, Marc O'rell is a seasoned producer known for his ability to seamlessly blend various electronic music genres. His diverse musical background adds a distinct flavor to "Shake That Ass," contributing to its undeniable appeal. Marc O’rell, who is based in Regensburg, Germany, has begun his producer and songwriter career at the age of 15 years, influenced by the early icons David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Fedde Le Grand. He is a regular host of the Mystery Freedom Radio, had several Beatport Hype chart placement and is was a regular DJ at Beats Club Regensburg, has played a guest mix at GongFM and had features at BBC, Bayern 3 and KroneHit for his songs. Despite facing a life-changing accident, Marc's passion for music never wavered. In fact, he used it as motivation to embrace a healthier lifestyle and inspire others to do the same through his music.

Picture of Twelvenote

Twelvenote is known for bringing in unique elements from his diverse background in music, he brings a fresh perspective to his tracks and collaborations. He has bin in and around music nearly his while life in one way or another. Life always has twists and turns, but the one constant throughout his journey has been music. Whether as a DJ, record promoter, on-air personality or music producer. He is an American-born, Netherlands based tech house producer, who enjoys creating music that makes you want to shake your ass.

Mystery Freedom Records invites music lovers, industry professionals, and fans alike to join in the celebration of "Shake That Ass" as it takes center stage on January 5, 2024. This release marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the label, as well as the anticipation of future collaborations between Marc O'rell and Twelvenote.


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