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BeatsthatMoveyou collabs with Mystery Freedom Records

What is Beatsthatmove you?

BeatsthatMoveyou is all about music, but mostly in the genre EDM. It contains the latest hits, popular hits and the personal favorites of the curator.

Why did you start Beats That Move You?

I started this page since I felt the need of having a good playlist. Most people enjoy EDM, but don't know how to look for the freshest new hits. The algorithm on music apps that makes suggestions for new music, does not match up with what fans want to hear. Through his page, people can access his playlist and his content, know the kind of songs I like and follow me if they like the music. In a few weeks I will be adding more playlists based on different moods and genres.

House music is the genre I love the most. It keeps me moving.

What is your connection with house music?

House music is the genre I love the most. It keeps me moving. It is the most popular sub genre of edm and it is actually believed that the song having BPM of 128 is the one that really synchronises with our heartbeat and makes us enjoy it even more. House music is not just a song but a feeling for me

Why should people follow your page? Well I feel I have the best EDM Playlist in the world. My spotify playlist EDM HITS 2020 is a proof of that. I have no particular genre or artist that I stick to. I have a wide range of taste as I have been exploring music for more than a decade now. All I care about is good music and that's what I want to deliver to my followers.

What lies for you in the future? I want to keep doing it untill I reach my goal and that is to have the most streamed playlist in the world. I might become less active on instagram but my Playlist will always be updated as that's where my interest lies in.


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