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VERSUE about his new single CATACLYSM

VERSUE does not look at music as his hobby, it is his core. Music is a central obsession that guides his entire life. The American-based producer has crafted his own style of EDM during his 10 years working in the music industry. His style is a combination of progressive and deep house that sounds unique and like no other artist in the industry.

In April this year, the 31-year old artist released his first official single 'CATACLYSM'. The tense, fast-paced deep house track builds slowly before crescendoing in an explosion of distorted pads and buzzing bass synths at the halfway mark. The track was a great succes for VERSUE. His single was streamed more than five thousand times on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple music in its first week.

After the release of 'CATACLYSM', VERSUE released a remix on SoundCloud only. It was a remix of a classic 90's dance song, 'Rythm of the Night' by corona. This song showed a total different side of VERSUE. This remix was a laid-back house cut with warm synthesizers and a hypnotic drum pattern.

 Although he just dropped two singles in the span of a week, VERSUE doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. More music is on the way - for more information and content from VERSUE, follow him on social media.


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