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Parachute, the latest release from EWERELL

Parachute was produced by EWERELL, an old newcomer from Switzerland. EWERELL is a DJ and Producer. Parachute is a powerful and energetic dance track. The full production is made from one hand and contains a lot of instruments like strings, steel-drums and pianos but also synthetic sounds from different synthesizers.

When you listen carefully, you can hear singing birdsounds in the intro and breakdown. All the natural sounds are recorded nearby his hometown and by EWERELL himself. These little things make his songs outstanding and unique, because a lot of producers use the same music and sample library.

The Idea for this song was to describe the feeling of free-fall before you are caught by a parachute. In context to a relationship with another person to feel supported and safe. This song is available in all stores like: Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube, GooglePlay and many more…

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