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Be The Future about his music career

Be The Future is a 13 year old producer and musician. He has been making music since late 2019 and spends lots of nights behind the piano, improvising tunes for a new track. His goal is thinking of new and better ways to give each melody life, whether it makes people cry in their bedsheets or jam on the dance floor. To him, music is a way to package emotions and thoughts into imaginary boxes, so a person doesn’t get overwhelmed by them anymore.

What makes you unique? My age and my style. I’m striving for a style derived from popular music, yet unique to the ear. To find this balance, I have composed every one of my songs in a different genre, including rock, orchestral, house, cinematic...and many more. Each track I compose is a step to finding what I’m best at making.

What drew you to the music industry? The music industry did. It all started with these 20 minute lessons that the Apple store gave on Garageband. I would always take my iPad and unfinished homework to my local store, find a bench to sit on, and each time I went I would learn something new. The more songs I made, the more interested I became towards other people’s tracks. Soon enough, I started to realize how shallow I was in this empire known as the music industry. I wasn’t gonna settle with being shallow​, was I? Especially when there are so many awesome things down deep.

Who inspired you to make music? My friend and classmate, Ian. He was the kid that showed me that there was an application named “Garageband” on my computer.

Did you always know that you wanted to work in the music industry?

I’m having trouble thinking of a better industry.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Dreamy, airy, and powerful.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Almost all of them. Stray Away is pretty obvious..but if you take a look at my older songs; The garden in “Man Of A Century” is the metaphor for one of my talented classmates in summer camp, and the “One” in “One that fights the king” is one of my friends that loves to ship people in relationships.

Can you explain your creative process for making this EP/track? Sure thing. The first three days were spent at the piano, brainstorming the melody. To me, the melody is one of the most important factors of a track. Production comes next. I use Apple’s audio production software “Logic Pro X” to compose my tracks. I first play the melody on my AKAI professional MPK mini keyboard, recording it in the software. From that point onwards, it’s just building off the melody - how you can modify it and return back to it after a bridge/verse. I use Sylenth1 as my main synthesizer, and splice, occasionally, for some cool drum loops. Once I polish the instrumentals for a few days, I start working on the lyrics. I find my vocalists on Fiverr, and the ones I’ve worked with are great.

How would you describe your EP/track?

Hopeful, inspirational, and powerful.

What is the reason behind this EP/track? The repercussions of quarantine. Social life is completely cut off, your computer becomes your only friend, and...yeah. It’s a new life. This song showed how the word “new” is different from the word “Bad”. As long as one can find their place in this “new life”, they’re still in control.

What is the message you want to give to your fans?

Who decides your limits, anyways?

What is next for you? I would definitely continue composing music. I’m looking to book tours after quarantine. I’m looking to learn live performance and DJing. I would also look to grow my YouTube channel and eventually apply for the YT artist profile & gain a social media presence online.

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