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NØVA and Marc O'rell's Second Sensation: "Sounds Of The Summer"

Marc O'rell and NØVA
Marc O'rell and NØVA

In an electrifying follow-up to their debut hit "Make It Loud," the dynamic duo NØVA and Marc O'rell are once again gracing the music scene with their sensational second release, "Sounds Of The Summer." Set to drop on August 25th, this track is poised to become the anthem of the season, and for good reason.

At the heart of "Sounds Of The Summer" lies NØVA's mesmerizing vocals, transporting listeners to the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant atmosphere of the season. Backed by a symphony of carefully crafted elements, this track is a celebration of summer in musical form.

The Korg M1 House Piano takes center stage, infusing the track with a classic house vibe that's both nostalgic and fresh. This iconic instrument lends a touch of warmth and familiarity, creating a magnetic pull that's impossible to resist. The tech house drums provide an infectious groove that's tailor-made for dance floors, while the lead synth melody, inspired by ATB's legendary "9PM," elevates the track to new heights.

Released under the esteemed Mystery Freedom Records label, "Sounds Of The Summer" falls under the genre of Piano House. A genre known for its fusion of melodic piano riffs and infectious house beats, Piano House encapsulates the essence of the track perfectly. With its sun-kissed rhythms and feel-good vibes, this is a track that effortlessly captures the essence of a summer day spent by the beach.

London based singer, songwriter and producer NØVA
London based singer, songwriter and producer NØVA

NØVA explains, "Sounds of the Summer is a track I'd listen to at a beach party, driving down a road in the mountains with my head out the sunroof or whilst cycling along the coastline". Inspired by the unforgettable feeling of vacation, freedom and new beginnings, she's made sure to capture those feelings through the track. Looking closely at the cover art , you can see a bird's eye view photo of Monaco in the blazing heat, Marc's favorite destination on earth. Home to formula 1 events and luxury yachts....maybe you'll hear this song on the streets of Monaco one day....

For NØVA, "Sounds Of The Summer" marks a significant milestone as her second release. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of London, NØVA is a triple-threat – a gifted singer, songwriter, and producer. Her contributions are the soul of the track, breathing life into the lyrics and making them resonate deeply with the listeners.

German producer, DJ and label owner Marc O'rell
German producer, DJ and label owner Marc O'rell

On the production end, Marc O'rell shines as the mastermind behind the scenes. At 28 years old, this German producer and DJ from Regensburg has already etched his name in the industry. Notably, Marc also holds the distinction of being the co-owner of Mystery Freedom Records, the label that's brought "Sounds Of The Summer" to the world. Marc's creative vision and technical prowess are evident throughout the track, serving as a testament to his musical finesse.

As the release date inches closer, anticipation for "Sounds Of The Summer" continues to grow. With its fusion of captivating vocals, iconic instrumentals, and a melody that pays homage to dance music history, this track is primed to make waves. So, whether you're grooving on a beach or letting loose on the dance floor, be sure to keep an ear out for NØVA and Marc O'rell's latest masterpiece – it's the sound of summer you won't want to miss.

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