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'Animal' the latest track from lil orchid and GWYN

Singer-songwriter Gwyn and producer lil orchid just released their latest song 'Animal'. They met in 2018 while studying music at the University of Sydney, Australia and started writing and recording together.

One year later, they released their first single called Feel, a dark, angsty trap anthem. After working tirelessly towards the end of 2020, they finally released pop sound ‘Animal’.

‘This song has a different sound to our previous releases, and it’s a change from our usual trap/hip-hop sound’, said lil orchid, an emo producer who also raps. ‘We wanted to keep the dark, mysterious vibe and add a touch of lightness ”. To this duo, pop music has no limit and they love to play around with different elements. They are even experimenting with sounds and creating their own samples.

The story behind the song 'Animal' is clear. Gwyn, the main lyricist of this song, said: “Well, you know that feeling when you’re falling in love but also afraid of getting hurt? I wanted to write about how enjoyable it is and I’m surprised I could write something romantic at all. I’m quite sensitive in general and can get a bit insecure at times”. Stream the track here!

For Gwyn and lil orchid, 2021 is an exciting year.

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