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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

WHO IS NYCE is a dj and producer from Queens, New York. Before this, he was a bouncer, but decided to start with music production.

He grew up in Queens and that area brought him closer to the music industry. He went too parties in the park and block parties. He learned more and more about music, while listening to music at those places.

One of his biggest motivations was Grand Master Flash. He kept WHO IS NYCE motivated to keep moving forward in the music industry and to never give up.

His track Anything was released in February this year. For making this track, he really stepped out of his comfort zone. He did not hold back at that time. That describes the creative process. The track has a Free Soul vibe, but also an intense side.

The reason behind Anything is that he can do anything and his mental health does not hold him back. That is also the hidden meaning in his music. When listening to the music, you can hear and feel the life experiences described in this track.

He wants to say to his fans: "the key to happiness is LOVE." All his music comes straight from his heart. It is real, but also feel good music.

The next step for NYCE is releasing an album he is working on. This album contains a lot of different music styles like funk, soul, afro-house and latino music

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