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The debut singles from Vekken

'Never Felt So Good', 'Shifted' and 'Reflect' are the debut releases from Vekken. The 21 year old producer is planning on breaking into the electronic dance music scene with his unique style and fresh take on dance music. Unique is that Vekken never studied music or had training, which makes it more impressive.

'Never Felt So Good', describes the spirit of a post-lockdown world in which life returns to some shape of the new normal. He blends the vocals from Brooke Telling, a local country music musician, with a hooky melody.

The main influences from Vekken are Avicii, Martin Garrix and Kygo. This makes his music captivate you like no other. His genres are melodic, progressive house and everything in between. Vekken has BBC Radio plays and interviews under his belt and future releases are ready and waiting for release. Vekken has plans to make you dance, but also wants you to consider the message behind the track.

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