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Padre Tóxico about his latest albums: Synesthesia and Life Supplement

Synesthesia and Life Supplement, the latest albums of Padre Tóxico, came out one month ago. Padre wanted to give something to the music community, because it saved his life many times and it has given him a lot of wonderful memories. The message of these albums is do not be afraid to try. Even if you are not in your twenties. Now with over 10.000 listeners on Spotify, he is becoming a bigger artists than ever before.

The first memory he has from music is hearing 'What's My Name' from Snoop Doggy Dogg. It was a break between lessons and some older dudes had a massive boombox bumping in the school corridor. After that, he was hooked for life. Then Dr. Dre 'Keep Their Heads Ringing' and right after Tupac was shot, he had stumbled upon 'All Eyes On Me'. This is still one of his favorite albums. 'The Last Resort' by Trentemoller was the start of his more conscious has of music consumption. Other influences were Flying Lotus, Kendrick and songs from Lapalux, Synkro, Four Tet, Bonobo, Apparat and Klasmos and Jon Hopkins.

One day, he watched a live set of Klasmos in Poland. That is when he realized that he wanted to create and give others the same energy and sensations which he got from listening to music. He started to experience music on a whole new level. He started listening to tracks over and over again, while discovering something new each time. Last year in November, a friend convinced him to try his luck with making music.

He started in November 2019 with no experience at all. Due to limited free time, his typical recording day was starting from 22 - 23 PM and ending around early morning hours. Besides that, he was battling to read manual for his music hardware and the urge to create and share. His laptop was weak, so many tracks were finished almost blindly. Exporting sound after every change I made and listening if it sounded right. Then he checked how the track sounded in the car, headphones and stereo. He did this every day for six months.

For the making of these albums, he sits down with no specific genre in mind. The most common result of making music is electronica of many subgenres. He creates these tracks from the sounds he digs up from his library.

There are a few favorite songs on the albums. The favorite songs from Synesthesia are Ambient Encounter and Wait For it. Ambient Encounter is an ambient techno track. Wait For It is a minimal electronica track.

The favorite songs from Life Supplement are SUMMER IN L.A. and My Love. SUMMER IN L.A. has a real nice chill atmosphere. My Love has some hip hop vibes.

Right now, he is busy with preparing his album. There are 8 new tracks almost ready and he aims to release it within two months. It will be an electro album and with some new skills, he can make something extraordinary.


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