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Lamalo about their latest release Sunrise Reprise

Lamalo is formed by Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun. They approach dance, indie and electronica in a perfect way while believing in the fact that modern music defies the genres of its ancestry.

In their music, they take familiar elements and combine them into new arrangements. Early singles are Outside, Jungle Train, Qué Pasó and Six Feet Under. These tracks established them as premium songwriters with a magic touch in the studio. To see out 2020, Lamalo dropped their latest single Sunrise Reprise. This song is a mashup of older live songs that the duo has performed. The songs have meshed together exciting digital arpeggios with glitching beats and a bass line that echoes the Mellotron magic of dance music's formative pioneers.

Modern music defies the genres of its ancestry.

Lamalo works in great harmony. Michiya Nagai is chiefly responsible for the duo's production, drums and synth, while Yossi Cascun takes care of guitar and stagecraft. Having met at Sydney Con, it is no surprise that Lamalo encompasses all of the expertise needed to excel.

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