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Chaotic Love, the track that will get you dancing!

Chaotic love, the latest single of Calvin Spades is an exciting blend of plucks, synths, great vocals and percussion filled with a lot of energy that will get you dancing and singing along! Calvin is a very talented keyboardist and a former choir director who is known for having a very good ear for chord progressions, and for making music that leaves listeners with goosebumps. His musical influences include artists like Ray Charles, Avicii, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, Mozart, Kaskade, James Brown, Kendrick Lamar, to name a few. He is a versatile producer who is capable of producing almost anything from hard-hitting trap to house music.

Calvin got into music production, because he believes that music brings people together like nothing else can. He has been producing music for about a year and has learned so much about music production over the past few months. He is quickly starting to build a buzz in New York and recently got a follow on Instagram from Paige Lopynski (from the Bonnie X Clyde EDM Duo) and has gotten Instagram story views from Sam Feldt and Mesto. He even gained over 25K plays on SoundCloud with one of his songs.

“There is so much division in the world and so I am really trying to bring more people together through the power of music.”

For Chaotic Love he tried to incorporate as much variety as possible in a short amount of time while still maintaining a fun energy. That is why he called the song Chaotic Love. The song is about unity. It is about the fact that if we stick together we can accomplish anything. The concept of the song was to try to include a lot of moving parts but still maintain a sense of cohesion with the kind of plucks and synths he chose. I=he also wanted to get the listener singing along. Calvin really hopes this gets you dancing despite all the things that are going on in the world right now.”

Keep an eye on this guy! He is about to create some chaos!

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