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Believe In Us, the latest track of Moestwanted

Updated: Sep 24, 2020


One of the most talented producers and dj's, Moestwanted, just released his new single Believe In Us. This single has a lot of energy combined with beautiful vocals, that make you fall in love with this track. It will lift your mood and most important, make you dance. His sound should make people happy and dance. Likely to what he does when he goes out spinnin’.

Moestwanted is one of the most recognized talents from Germany. He founded Hypercat and is a BigCityBeats resident. Moestwanted is recognizable, because of his groovy and energetic style combined with positive harmonies and timeless melodies.

If you play my music backwards you can hear „Dance or Die“ ;-)

The creative process is different for every track he makes. He sometimes works with local songwriters from Mannheim and sometimes with international songwriters. For "Believe In Us", he started with the production of the track and searched for an outstanding voice. He actually had a male rap vocal on the beat first, but changed the vocal before it matched with another one and became "Believe In Us". "… I’m so happy I did that. :)"

Moestwanted describes the track as more energetic than most slap house music. It brings back his uplifting and futuristic dance music style that you always hear in his sound. True: the lyrics are more about an obsession than a happy ending hollywood love story but “Believe In Us” quickly gets you into a good vibe and makes you dance.

Te message behind "Believe In Us" is really special. The song starts with: Why did I ever believe in us. This question is not only asked by a couple that broke up, but a lot of artists ask themselves the same question in the current situation. Moestwanted encourages everyone to support your favorite artists and also local artists. You can do this with streaming, downloading or watching a live stream. Your love and feedback will be more appreciated than ever.

Due to corona it is so hard for artists we can’t go out and play shows. We can’t see our fans and loved people on the festivals. I really miss you guys! I hope to be back on stage very soon! Can’t wait!

©LauraGerdesPhotography 2020

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