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ArtStyle talks about his latest single Dying

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

ArtStyle is a music producer from Pakistan. He is 21 years old and has been producing for the past three years. Two years ago, he started his professional music career. Currently he is trying to put out as much music as possible. He is studying in the Comsats University of Islamabad.

ArtStyle started listening to dubstep in 2011. Before that point, he always had something for music. He used to play piano and guitar. Electronic music pushed him to produce his own music. That is exactly what he did, with Skrillex as a big inspiration. He was always curious to understand the type of sound Skrillex uses and how the structures in the song are build.

What makes ArtStyle unique is that he can produce almost every EDM genre. Dubstep, House, Future bass, chillstep you name it. The main goal for his music is to create emotional/chill/melodic or hard hitting tracks. But mainly emotional stuff. That also describes the hidden meaning in his music. He mostly tries to put out music for people who are feeling down or sad to cheer them up through his music. Artstyle always structures music with emotional chords and leads at the start and a drop that is always hyped and cheerful.

I hope one day I’ll play a full sold out show.

Dying is an emotional, chill, vibe and uplifting track. The vocals from Dying were in the library for a while, but he never got time to work with them before this track. The whole song is created around the vocals. The track starts with vocals with slight reverb and delay and soft piano’s in the back ground. And after that the vocals are muffled and a guitar lead comes in to give the track some movement and from there it makes a transition into the buildup and the drop. The drop style is inspired by Illenium and Said the Sky.

The main aim of this track is to give off an emotional feeling in the start with the vocals and the guitar. As soon as the buildup starts it starts turning into a happy or uplifting type track which symbolizes that after something bad there’s always something good.

The message he wants to give is: "No matter what happens, no matter what you’re going through, don’t ever give up. You have the strength to get through whatever you’re going through you just got to use it. Trust me i’ve been there. And I got out. You can too." He is a Juice WRLD fan so its like Juice WRLD said Take the bad (666) and turn it into good (999).

Everyone out there who’ve always supported me and stick by my side (Not many people) Thank you! You guys are the best!

I’ll keep on making music for as long as I can and one day I’ll make it to the top!

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