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Almero about his latest collaboration They Don't Know

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Almero is a French producer living between Lyon and Paris. He produces mainly progressive and electro house, but loves to experiment. This results in a wide range of styles in his music. One month ago he released a collaboration with CAMARDA on Protocol Recordings, They Don't Know.

Music always had a big place in his life, because a lot of things encouraged him to produce his own music. When he was 17 years old, he was listening to other music and thought about what he could change in the track. He was not planning on starting with producing music, but after some months he was blown away by the effect of music. That was the trigger to start making his own music. He always tries to put his own touch and vision on every track he creates. He just loves what he does and that makes him unique as an artist.

He started his career while producing progressive house. That is why he finds energy and emotion the most important things in music. That is why his music mostly has nice melodies and a lot of energy, but he also loves to make club bangers like They Don’t Know.

The making of They Don't Know

He started They Don't Know in a time where everyone around him made tech house. He decided to make a tech house track for fun, but without taking inspiration from an artist in particular. That is why his progressive and electro house vibes make the track unique. He combines them with the tech, progressive and electro house all together.

He first started with the kick drum. After that he built the groove of the track with drums and the baseline. After that, he had a melody in his head so he put that on the project and the drop was born. They Don't Know is a track made by mixing Tech House, Big Room and Progressive House all together. It’s mainly and mostly Tech House but you can definitively hear the two other styles influence in that track.

But if I should describe it in two words, I would say « Club weapon » or « Club banger » haha.

Almero and CAMARDA knew each other for 3 years and made a lot of tracks together including They Don't Know. They are good friends and work together really well. They also released Fuel on Label X and Rift on Sinka Records.

The message of They Don't Know mostly is a message of love, humility, believe in yourself and stay true to yourself. Almero always wanted his music to give emotion and feelings to its listeners and spread positive vibes or to guide/escort yourself even in your darker moments.

Next releases?

Almero has a lot of tracks in preparation. He has a serious remix incoming in July for two big incoming artists with a French guy called Heero. He also has some good collabs on the way and original tracks for sure, just need to find my tracks a good label to release them.



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